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Book Review: No Surrender by Andrea Jenelle

Rating: 5 stars

Their meet cute is a three-legged race…

She suffers from social anxiety but will do anything for her friends. She’s a former soccer star who craves peace and quiet, ice cream, Guardians of the Galaxy and 90s alternative music.

He’s a hot former real estate mogul who grew up in foster care and wants to make a difference in the world. He’s a gear head who loves his motorcycle, has a wicked dart game, and crochets to settle his mind.

Sarah is content with her life. The last thing she needs is a distraction. Especially a distraction like Blake Armitage, the sinfully delicious man who is Willow Creek’s newest savior. But now he’s turning up everywhere. He’s a rival coach and her newest neighbor. And he clearly wants a much more intimate relationship.

Wow! Andrea has done it again! Book 2 done and even though no one in Willow Creek will be better than Zane for me currently, Blake and Sarah’s story was incredible! Forced proximity, rivals to lovers, anxiety rep and incredibly competitive characters are just a few reasons to crack open this book. And the male love interests go to a romance book club. I mean, seriously! Why can’t they exist in my town!

“Between the slivers of time that make up a handful of breaths, he becomes an anchor in a world that always seems to be spinning out of my control.”

Andrea’s writing is just incredible. I am blaming her for my lack of sleep, as her books grip me and I cannot put them down. Who needs sleep anyway! She is definitely one of my favourite contemporary romance authors. Her characters are so tangible and real, and reading her books feels like going home. You just want to shut off the rest of the world and live in your own Willow Creek.

“You’re my Cassiopeia A. Your brilliance dims everything else. When you’re in a room, you’re my lodestone. You ground me, but you’re also all I can focus on.”

I cannot wait for No Promises!!!!! I will leave you with just one more quote!

“I want to push those damn people off the cliff myself,” he growls. “I want to crush the bones of anyone who ever made you feel like that. You are more than enough. So much more. You’re almost too much.”

What romance reads will you never stop recommending?

Charlotte x


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